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2017 STEM Competition Program

Blacks In Government (BIG) is sponsoring its annual Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics – Student Competition (STEM-SC). The competition provides high school students with the chance to develop computer skills and demonstrate their expertise and creativity with computer technology.

The Blacks In Government Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics-Student Competition (STEM-SC) was formerly the Information Superhighway Student Competition (ISSC). The ISSC competition was expanded to promote science, engineering, and technology (STEM) capabilities at the local and national level. For the youth, the STEM Competition will also serve to advance their social and economic wellbeing in the United States and internationally.

The STEM-SC is open to students in grades nine (9) through twelve (12). This year’s competition will focus on robotics technology; specifically building a functional robot. The official theme is: “Exploring the Capability of Robotics Engineering.”  It is designed to introduce and encourage students to embrace STEM concepts and professions.  The competition project will give students a quality learning experience and challenge them to develop important STEM competencies. No prior experience is necessary to participate in the competition. However, students must work with a subject matter expert (SME) as a mentor.

Students will design, build, and program their own mobile robot to compete against other students at the chapter, regional and ultimately, national level. They will use robotics kits that provide various parts and pieces that will help them build and program a demonstration robot.

The students are expected to:

·         Design, create, and program one robot using components from the robotics kit identified by BIG –  OWI-535 Robotic Arm Edge.  Both the Robotic Arm Edge kit and required USB Interface can be purchased online at http://owirobot.com/robot-kits .

·         Document their innovation and creativity in a design journal.

·         Give a four to six-minute presentation of their project to the STEM-SC judges.

·         Connect with various students, teachers, robotics enthusiasts, and hobbyists in the engineering community computer technology.


Students will compete at the local and regional levels. The first, second and third place winners of the Regional STEM Student Competition will receive awards in the amount of $400.00, $250.00, and $150.00 respectively. The first place Regional competition winner will also compete in the BIG National STEM Student Competition. The National competition will be held at the BIG National Training Institute in Atlantic City, New Jersey in August, 2017.

First place winners advancing to the National competition will receive awards (plaques and scholarships) for successfully preparing and presenting an original oration. The National Awards are: 1) First Place – Plaque and $1,000.00, 2) Second Place – Plaque and $600.00, and 3) Third Place – Plaque and $400.00.

Attached, please find the 2017 STEM Student Competition entry form, flyer, brochure and contest rules. The application deadline is Friday, April 14, 2017.

Applications can be signed and emailed (PDF format) to [email protected] or mailed to:

c/o Jacqulyn D. Allen

Blacks In Government

JFK Post Office

P. O. Box 6064

Boston, MA 02114

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